The Invercargill City Council website has been built to meet New Zealand e-government accessibility standards.

Text size

The text size can be increased in three stages from the default by clicking the "+" key above the search window at top right. Hitting the "-" key will decrease the text size back to the default setting.

Access keys

These access keys have been implemented to assist in navigation of the site without the use of a mouse:

0   Navigates to this Accessibility page

1   Navigates to the Home page

2   Navigates to the Sitemap page

3   Places the cursor in the search box in the header

9   Navigates to the Contact Us page

[   Skip links to main content of the current page

The method of activitating the access keys differs between browsers.

  • In Internet Explorer hold down the Alt key while pressing the access key then press Enter.
  • In Firefox hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the access key.