The Council is required by law to consult with residents and ratepayers about certain aspects of its business. It encourages debate and viewpoints on all consultation documents as this helps it to make the best decisions possible based on the facts and research available at the time.

Draft Annual Plan 2014-2015

Annual Plans are produced in the two years between the adoptions of Long Term Plans (LTPs). The Annual Plan implements the LTP and provides a budget for the next financial year to achieve this. The 2014-2015 Draft Annual Plan is Council's proposed "contract" with our Community. Before we adopt it we are keen to hear from you about whether you agree or disagree with where we are heading.  The submission process helps Council to prioritise, add and subtract projects, as well as understand the community's willingness to pay for activities. NOTE: Submission close on April 30.


Parks: Classification and re-classification of reserve land

Submissions are invited on the intention to classify the following land:

  • Turnbull Thomson Park (Lot 1 DP 11938)
  • McQuarrie Park (Lot 1 DP 5961, Part Section 40 Block I)
  • Otepuni Creek (Lot 8 DP 8098, Lot 7 DP 8098, Part Lot 1 DP 5914, Lot 4 DP 3463, Part Lot 6 DP 3463, Lot 5 DP 3463)
  • Surrey Park (Lot 1 DP 11664)
  • Talbot Street Reserve (Pt Lot 6 DP 6192)
  • Ball Street Reserve (Lot 12 and Part Lot 11 DP 6406)

AND on the intention to reclassify the following areas formerly classified as "Beautification" or "Reserve" to Recreation Reserve:

  • Holywood Terrace Reserve (Lot 20 DP 557, Lot 1 DP 3115 – currently stated as beautification)
  • Turnbull Thomson Park (Lot 3 DP 1969 – currently stated as reserve)

Submissions close at noon on Monday, May 12, 2014


Parks: Greenhills Quarry Reserve

Submissions are invited on the proposal of the following:

  • Reclassifying Part Block IV Town of Greenhills as Local Purpose (Quarry) Reserve for the purposes specified in Section 23 of the Reserves Act 1977
  • Revoking Part Block XV Town of Greenhills

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Submissions close at noon on Monday, May 12, 2014