Lost or impounded animals

Owners have to ensure that their pets or animals are looked after and housed in a safe and secure environment and are not able to wander from the property. Also, owners are liable for any damage caused as a result of their animals straying or wandering.

This means that if your animal is the cause of a road accident you might be liable for any damage to the vehicles and any other property. Also, if a dog is found and is not registered then the owner will incur additional penalties.

Animals impounded by the Council

If your animal is impounded by the Council you will need to identify it and pay the appropriate charge in full before it can be released. Visit pound fees and charges for charges that apply to any dog, horse, deer, cattle, sheep, goat or pig.

Reporting stray or wandering animals

When animals stray or wander they can be a danger to both themselves and the environment. If you notice stray or wandering animals contact the Council with a description of the animal and also the location and direction of travel. Once the animal has been captured the Council will try to locate its owner.

Contact us

For more information or to report a stray, wandering or lost animal contact the Animal Control Department as soon as possible and with as many details as possible.  We also suggest that owners contact the RSPCA Southern Branch (phone 218 9684), your local community/information centre, your local radio station etc.