The Council owns many properties and assets, such as waste treatment plants, buildings, car parks, playgrounds, public toilets, green belts etc.

Examples of Council-owned core property and assets in the Bluff area include the Bluff Service Centre, Bluff Library, Bluff Swimming Pool, public toilets, parks and reserves, green belts, sports grounds, the Bluff Camping Ground, playgrounds, Bluff Waste Transfer Station and the Bluff Waste Treatment Plant.

The website groups asset plans in the public documents section.

Invercargill's core property and assets include car parks, the Civic Theatre, Clifton Waste Treatment Plant, Council Housing Care Units, Invercargill Airport, Civic Administration Building, Invercargill Waste Transfer Station, Invercargill Library and the Splash Palace Pool complex.

Other examples in the district are the Branxholme Water Treatment Plant and Invercargill City Forests.