Registered premises

The Council is responsible for inspecting registered premises and for issuing permits, consents and certificates of registrations.

This is to ensure that individuals, businesses, and premises meet and comply with the regulations and standards as prescribed in the various Acts and bylaws, such as building, health and safety, liquor licensing, planning and resource management. Examples of business types that must be registered include: camping grounds, food premises, funeral homes, gambling premises, hairdressing, mobile traders/shops, offensive trades.

Contact the Council's Customer Services Department in the first instance, as you might need to consult with a number of divisions within Council, including: Building (for information on applications for building requirements and consents, fire safety requirements, plumbing and all building construction matters); Economic Development (for advice on setting-up or developing a new business contact Venture Southland), Environmental Health (for health and food safety assistance, legal requirements and inspections) and or Planning and Resource Management.


As part of the registration process the Council will inspect the premises. This might require more than one visit from one or more of the Council's inspectors (Environmental Health Inspector, Liquor Licensing Inspector, Building Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, and so on).

Annual inspections: registered premises are inspected annually by the Environmental Health Inspectors to ensure that they comply with the regulations.
Additional inspections: there are occasions when premises and businesses require additional inspections perhaps to investigate a complaint or notifiable food disease, building alterations and compliances etc. There may also be a charge from the Council for these additional inspections.
Booking inspections: It is important to book before the required premise inspection as the Inspectors' diaries sometimes fill up weeks in advance.

Fees and Charges 

Fees and charges for Environmental Health/Registered Premises are detailed here. 

To learn more about the specific requirements for your business type contact the Environmental Health Division.