Camping grounds

The Council-owned Bluff Camping Ground on Gregory Street has outstanding views and is close to the Bluff town centre.

Facilities include cabins, hard-stand areas for caravan and campervan parking, grassed areas for tents, and an amenities block with a kitchen/dining room, laundry, toilets, showers and facilities for disabled campers. The Parks and Reserves nightly fees and charges are:

Tent sites : Each adult $13.80, each child under 12 years $7.60

Campervans and caravans : Site charge $22.40 plus each adult $8.20 and each child under 12 years $5.10

Cabins: Cabin charge $32.60, plus each adult $8.20 and each child under 12 years $6.10.


  • The above charges include the full use of facilities including showers, washing machine and kitchen.
  • For non-site users the following casual use charges apply:
    Shower $7, washing machine $7, kitchen $7.

Motorhome toilet and wastewater

A dump station is provided at the camping ground for the use of Bluff Camping Ground guests and the travelling public. Be responsible when emptying your motorhome toilet and waste water and always use a designated dump station. 

General notes

The Camping Ground Regulations 1985 define a camping ground as: Any area of land used, or designed or intended to be used, for rent, hire, donation, or otherwise for reward, for the purposes of placing or erecting on the land temporary living-places for occupation by two or more families or parties living independently of each other, whether or not such families or parties enjoy the use of common entrances, water supplies, cookhouses, sanitary fixtures, or other premises and equipment; and includes any area of land used as a camping ground immediately before the commencement of these regulations.

The Environmental Health Division inspects and registers camping grounds to ensure that the minimum standards of health are maintained and that the business and its staff comply with the relevant legislation. Registered camping grounds are inspected on an annual basis and/or when an investigation is required, for example if there is a complaint from the public or local health authorities.