Blocked drains

Blockages, odour, sewage and stormwater overflow can occur for a number of reasons: extreme weather, children putting sticks and other foreign matter down the toilet system, a missing grate, old or damaged pipes ...

Note that sewage overflow is a potential health risk, especially if it enters the water supply, and therefore requires urgent attention.

The Council is responsible for the maintenance of stormwater and sewage pipes which lie beneath the roads and the property owner is responsible for the pipes, drains, ditches and culverts etc on their own property.

If you discover a blocked, damaged or overflowing drain in a public place contact the Council's Drainage Division or you can email us using the Council's Request For Service Form.

Property owners should contact a registered plumber if there is blocked, damaged or overflowing drain on their property or property boundary. If the registered plumber believes that that this is a Council matter, then the plumber should contact the Council on your behalf.