Sewage treatment

Invercargill has two sewage treatment plants, Clifton Wastewater Treatment Plant and Bluff Wastewater Treatment Plant, and an oxidation pond at Omaui.

The treatment plants operate automatically and are monitored by qualified staff and technicians, including the support and expertise of the Clifton Laboratory and its chemists.

Clifton, Bluff, Omaui and the biosolids project

  • Clifton

    All of Invercargill’s and Otatara’s residential and industrial sewage and wastewater is piped to the Clifton Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment.

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  • Clifton sediment monitoring

    This report summarises the results of the third year of baseline estuary sediment monitoring as required by the Invercargill City Council’s as a condition of its resource consent to discharge treated wastewater to the New River Estuary.

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  • Biosolids project

    The picture gallery on this page shows the steps in processing sludge to biosolids, and the application of biosolids to land.

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  • Bluff, Omaui

    The Bluff Treatment Plant operates automatically and is monitored and controlled through a radio link to staff at the Clifton plant; Omaui sewage is treated in an oxidation pond then irrigated on to adjacent sandhills.

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