Hazardous substances

The Council role is restricted to dealing with hazardous substances in public places.

However it also fields inquiries from the public about hazardous sustances in residential areas, for example asbestos, waste oil, batteries etc.

The Council's Environmental Health Division might investigate and/or provide an alternative contact organisation such as Occupational Safety and Health Service (OSH) if it is a work-related incident or inquiry, or the local Police if the issue or incident relates to roads.

For more information or clarification contact the Council's Environmental Health Division.

Industrial waste

The Council is responsible for the collection and disposal of household and general business waste. Businesses that produce industrial waste (for example manufacturers, freezing works etc) should dispose of their waste in a safe and controlled environment.

Many Invercargill businesses have contracts with privately owned waste companies for the hire of skips and bins for their waste collection and removal.

Property owners, contractors and construction and demolition businesses are encouraged to reuse and recycle waste. Note that only green waste, soils, gravels, and general waste can be disposed of at the Council's Waste Transfer Stations.

For the collection, treatment and disposal of all other waste (excluding hazardous substances) including metals or leaching materials you should contact the Council's Solid Waste Division for advice and consent.