Forms finder

This page provides links to online and printable forms available on the website.

  • Alcohol licensing (includes application forms for licensed premises and managers' certificates).
  • Building  (includes checklists and guides; see also Planning and Resource Management - below- for guides about building in the city, Otatara or rural areas)
  • Contact the Council (email the Council's Customer Service team.
    Also, see below for the Request a Service form (for specific requests)
    and the website feedback form (for comments or suggestions about this website).
  • Cemetery search (online form enables you to search all the Invercargill and Bluff cemeteries and the Crematorium).
  • Compliance  (currently includes application form to register signage boards / sandwich boards). 
  • Council jobs (this link takes you to the page which lists Council jobs when available).  
  • Environmental Health (includes form for Funeral directors - registration of premises; hairdressers - registration of premises; hawkers - application for licence to trade; offensive trade - registration of premises/change of occupancy noted; food premises - registration of premises/change of occupancy noted;  camping ground - registration of premises/change of occupancy noted.  
  •  Funding and awards(details about Community Development funding rounds and nominations for the Active Communities and Creative Communities panels, Bluff bursaries, Community Awards, Heritage, Music and Road safety). 
  • Planning and Resource Management (forms and guides including guides to building in the city, Otatara and rural areas; environment and heritage; signs; hearing procedures, and resource and subdivision consents.
  • Property/rates search
  • Request for service (choose from a list of Council services and outline your request).
  • Shows and events (inquiry forms available for many of the shows and events listed)
  • Submissions  (on documents currently out for public consultation)
  • Website feedback