As the landlord, the Council is responsible for maintaining the property, including the units and the grounds, with the exception of the individual gardens outside each unit which are the responsibility of the tenants.

The Council will repair or replace ONLY those household items listed in the Tenancy Agreement. Items not listed include light bulbs, blinds, curtains or drapes - these are the tenants responsibility.

Reporting issues and concerns

Generally, with the exception of urgent repairs and maintenance, a Council staff member or contractor will attend to the repairs and maintenance during normal business hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. If something breaks or needs repair you will need to contact the Council's Customer Support Services or Housing Care

It is important that you provide the following information in relation to your call:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • The nature and location of the fault
  • How and when it is convenient for the repair person to visit the property.

If you give permission, the Council's Property staff will use their own keys to enter in your absence. If the repair is not completed within a reasonable period, or if the problem re-occurs, contact the Council again. If we are not aware of the problem, then we may assume that everything is alright. If you continue to get unsatisfactory results to your complaint we ask that you contact the Council's Housing Manager.

Frequently asked questions

Light Bulbs
The Council does not replace light bulbs. If the pins are jammed then Council will assist during normal business hours. If more than one light is out, check if the circuit breaker has tripped off.

If the power is "off" check the mains switch inside your unit. If you live at Elston Lea check the exterior main switch. If the switch is turned "on" then contact your power supplier.

If you suspect that your range or stove is faulty we suggest that you check that the range is switched "on" (some switches are behind curtains). If two elements are off this could be a fuse. Check that the range has not been switched onto automatic. Some ranges have a picture of a hand in the dial, i.e Otarewa Village, for manual operation turn the knob until the red hand is showing. If the range/stove is still not working, check if the circuit breaker has tripped off.

Hot-water cylinders 
If your hot-water cyclinder is cold first check that the switch is on (the switch is on the wall inside the cylinder cupboard). Also check if the circuit breaker has tripped off. If the cylinder is overflowing on to the roof turn off the cylinder to save electricity. Contact the Council as repair or replacement might be required.

If the tap washer is the problem, contact the Council and this will be fixed or replaced during normal business hours.