Mobility services

The Council works with Government authorities and local agencies to ensure transportation is available for all members of our community, including those with limited mobility.

Mobility Parking permits

CCS Disability Action administers Mobility Parking, which is a scheme that allows people with a mobility problem easy access to the inner city. Criteria must be met before the organisation issues individuals with a Mobility Parking permit.

Mobility Parking permit cards allow people to park at the spaces marked in yellow with the wheelchair symbol on public roads, but it is important to note that the card does not allow free parking. The card holder pays for the maximum time stated on the meter but can stay an extra 30 minutes later than stated, to allow extra time to get back to the vehicle.

Total Mobility (discounted taxi fares)

In 1981 the Disabled Person Assembly (DPA) successfully lobbied for initial funding for a nationwide scheme, which provided discounted taxi fares for people with serious disabilities.

The Council currently administers Total Mobility to those people who, because of physical, sensory, intellectual or psychological disability are unable to proceed to the nearest bus stop, board, ride securely and alight, and are unable to proceed from the destination stop to the trips end without assistance.

To qualify for subsidised travel, application must be made through an agency. Those who are issued with the trip ticket receive a 50% discount on the normal taxi fare.

Heading home ... with a smile

Passengers board a

Southland Enterprises workers Sandra Wilson (left), Debbie Kent and Miriana Maurangi are pictured boarding a Passenger Transport Super Low-Floor bus for their ride home. The bus has a lower than normal floor -- and is also able to "kneel down" to provide safe access. It is one of nine such buses used in Invercargill and is contracted to transport SEI workers to and from their homes during the working week. The SEI workers provide a wide range of services, from producing kindling and firewood, to making up freeze-dried ration packs, to packing items for retailers. They also sort the material  from kerbside recycling bins. Picture: Shelley Clark