Road safety

THE Council and other local authorities (such as the Police) are committed to ensuring road safety, especially around schools.

The Council's Traffic Management Officer, Parking Division, and Road Safety Southland work together to educate and reduce deaths and injuries in Invercargill City and the greater Southland area. Projects involve working with local schools and communities to improve traffic flow, volumes and drop-off/pick-up areas, pedestrian crossings and general road safety awareness.

Community Road Safety Funding (CRSF)

Often community groups have great ideas regarding road safety but the problem is lace of funding to implement such ideas and concepts.

Funding is available to community groups and organisations to improve road safety, whether this is within Invercargill city or a rural community in the greater Southland region. No project is too big or small and applicants are encouraged to be creative with their road safety ideas and proposals. Activities that would be considered for funding include:

Community workshops, seminars, public meetings, brochures and mail-outs promoting road safety initiatives, localised road safety campaigns that support the initiative, road safety displays, small scale surveys and information gathering.

Activities not considered for funding include such things as road engineering, road signage and markings, supply of a vehicle for community use, travel and conference expenses, large stand-alone advertising campaigns.

For more information contact the Road Safety Southland Co-ordinator.