Estuary Walkway

The Invercargill Estuary area is once again becoming a recreational retreat.

Once a popular picnic and swimming spot, the area now has a walking /cycling loop track around the lagoon and estuary margins over the former landfill site.

Recognising the value of our coastal environments, the Council began an intensive rehabilitation and enhancement project in 1994. Thousands of native plants have been planted, wildlife habitats restored and people have been invited back into the area with the establishment of a walking track. The area now provides a rich habitat for wildlife communities including international migratory wading birds.

The combined Council and community restoration effort won national recognition with a Green Ribbon Award from the Minister for the Environment in 2007. This award recognises communities and organisations that make a difference for the environment.

Access the track from the car park at the Stead Street Wharf.

A well-formed gravel track and boardwalk provide panoramic views of the lagoon and estuary. The track has interpretation panels, seating, and a shelter.

Walking Track (4715m, 80 minutes return)
Allow at least an hour to walk the Loop Track around the lagoon. Walk across the Roger Sutton Boardwalk that winds through the oioi (jointed rush) of Pleasure Bay Lagoon. Along the way take a look at the remains of the historic railway trestle bridge from the lagoon beach lookout. Visit the historic Stead Street Wharf with its replica Lady Barkly steam train and replica fishing cutter.