Greenpoint Domain

There is a wealth of human and natural history on this quiet, easily overlooked stretch of Bluff Harbour.

From the manufacture of stone tools by early Maori in the 13th century, to trade with the first sealing and whaling boats at the start of the 19th century, these shores have been a focus for human activity.

The deep-water channel between Greenpoint and Tikore Island provided access to the harbour’s western shores. Its most recent use was to drive veterans of the Bluff oyster and fishing fleet into the muddy graveyard of "Rotten Row". Their rotting hulks are clearly visible from Greenpoint at low tide.

Today, this part of the harbour is the haunt of wildlife. Nutrient-rich waters support abundant fish and molluscs - which in turn attract shorebirds and waders. The walking track provides excellent bird-watching opportunities.

Greenpoint Domain is 23km southwest of Invercargill and a five-minute drive from Bluff. Access is signposted left off SH1 immediately before Greenpoint cemetery.

Greenpoint Domain offers a peaceful setting for picnics and a gentle shoreline walk (suitable for wheelchairs). Interpretation panels explain the natural and historic features of this part of Bluff Harbour. Visitors should be aware that the nearest public toilets are at Bluff.

  • Walking Track (1496m, 25 minutes return). A well-graded walking track and boardwalk follows the shoreline to Greenpoint, providing panoramic views across Bluff Harbour and highlighting features of natural and historic interest. At low tide, it is also possible to walk along the beach.
  • At Greenpoint picnic area a viewing platform overlooks the ship graveyard and identifies some of Bluff Harbour’s historic landmarks.