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Invercargill City Council

Invercargill City Council

The Invercargill City Council is chosen by the Invercargill public in elections held every three years.

The Council consists of the Mayor and 12 Councillors and its role is to provide and maintain services and amenities for the public of Invercargill. There are two main parts to Invercargill City Council: the Council (elected representatives) and the Corporate (staff).

The Mayor is a member of the four Council standing committees (Finance and Policy, Infrastructure and Services, Regulatory Services and Community Services).


The Coat of Arms


Coat of ArmsThe Council's Coat of Arms was proposed in 1956 as part of Invercargill's centennial year and was first exhibited in June 1958. Today the Coat of Arms is used only as as an official seal and on special occasions.

The  shield is supported by a pair of takahe, once thought to be extinct but rediscovered in Fiordland in 1948. The crown is the emblem of government. The wavy bars behind the ram's head are taken from the Arms of the House of Drummond, which is associated with Invercargill's namesake, Captain William Cargill. The foliage represents Southland beech and the motto Pro Communi Utilitate translates as "For the Benefit of the Community". The design also features a ram's head and two sheaves of wheat to represent Southland's farming traditions. The ship represents export activity.


The Council logo

ICC logo transparent

The Council introduced its current logo in February 2009. It takes its theme from the blade of grass sculpture outside the Council Administration Building in Esk Street and forms the letters ICC.

Guidelines for the use of the logo have been made available to printers, suppliers and media outlets.

The logo it replaced (at right) was designed in 1998 and was based on the theme of "City of Water and Light". The yellow band represents the exceptional light and the blue beam represents water, rivers, oceans and coastal areas.

Image of old logoThe green base reflects Invercargill's agricultural foundation and the green dot transforms the logo into a stylised 'i'. The old logo also references the blade of grass sculpture.





Meetings - current

Details of meetings of the full Council, Council committees, the Bluff Community Board and the Hearings panel.

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Meetings - archive

Agendas for meetings of the Council, the Bluff Community Board and Council committees are archived here for 12 months.

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Mayor and Councillors

The Mayor, Councillors and Bluff Community Board members are elected every three years. They establish policies and act ...

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Bluff Community Board

The Bluff Community Board advises the Invercargill City Council on the needs of the Bluff community.

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Code of Conduct

Under the Local Government Act 2002 Council is required to adopt a Code of Conduct. The current Code of Conduct was ado...

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The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for implementing policies set by the Mayor and Council.

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Citizenship ceremonies

The Council holds citizenship ceremonies on behalf of the Department of Internal Affairs. At these ceremonies new citize...

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Standing Committees

Council has established four Standing Committees which meet to monitor performance, consider matters requiring Council d...

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Council jobs advice

Welcome to the Invercargill City Council employment section. Here you will find information about working for the Counci...

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Council jobs

Applications from people with the skills and experience for any position(s) advertised are welcome. When you submit the ...

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Council staff

The elected Council employs a Chief Executive Officer to advise Councillors and to implement decisions and policies; the...

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Links to local authority election results (2007-2013)

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The Invercargill City Council’s Governance Statement explains how the Council works and how it involves the public in de...

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Awarua Industrial Estate selling now

Invercargill City Properties Limited is seeking to appoint General Agents to effect the sale of land at the Awarua Indus...

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Sister City

Kumagaya, about 60km from central Tokyo, is Invercargill's sister city.

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Youth Council

Youth Council members are aged from 12 to 24 and include representatives of Invercargill secondary schools and acts as a...

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