The Invercargill City Council’s Governance Statement explains how the Council works and how it involves the public in decision-making. The aim is to promote local democracy by making sure that our community understands how its Council operates and how they can have their say.

The Council is required to prepare a Governance Statement after each triennial election and make it available to the public. It includes information on Council functions, responsibilities and activities; how Councillors and Community Board members are elected; the roles and conduct of those elected members; Governance structures and processes; public access to people and the organisation, and key planning and policy documents.

The Council vision

Creating an exciting, innovative, safe, caring and friendly City offering lifestyles based on a healthy environment and diverse growing economy.

Code of Conduct

Under the Local Government Act 2002 Council is required to adopt a Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct sets out understandings and expectations about the manner in which Elected Representatives may conduct themselves while acting in their capacity as Elected Representatives.

Standing orders

This document sets out standing orders for the conduct of proceedings at meetings of territorial authorities, regional councils and community boards in the form of model orders for adoption with or without amendment. It incorporates new provisions in the Local Government Act 2002 as they affect the provisions of the model standing orders.

This standard is presented in three parts. Part 1 is the general introduction, Part 2 covers constitutional and legislative matters, and Part 3 relates to meeting